What We Offer

We are committed to providing the absolute best marketing services to each and every one of our clients. Over the past 15 years, since our start, we’ve continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give you creative services and targeted exposure that lead to massive results. OUR FOCUS IS YOUR ROI.


WOW!!! Cedar Street Creative not only delivered outstanding work for us but also taught us how to be self sufficient. They are savvy, both technically and as  marketers and genuinely passionate about their clients’ business. I would absolutely work with them again anytime.

– Alan Peretz


Cedar Street Creative is a full-service marketing agency with a specialized focus on influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

We’ve been providing marketing services to clients of all industries since 2007. 

Our creative marketing strategies, implementation practices and execution management are designed to get you results at scale. Your success is our success!


Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent place to market your business. We can make sure what shows up on your social media accounts is only what customers should be seeing, protecting you from misinformation and its related problems.

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing online is much more than just social media and a website. There are blogs, paid ads, and a number of other ways to get your message out to the masses. With coordinated marketing efforts, you can make sure your company has a high level of visibility to customers.

Influencer Marketing

Not everyone uses the internet. While we focus on the online side of marketing, we also understand that there are many offline opportunities to let people know about your products and services. We’ll create a plan for you that also reaches customers offline.

Creative Strategies & Boutique Offerings

We offer a number of different business services, including back office management, accounting and finance assistance, business writing, reports and many more.


Client Testimonials

Mike Johnson

Running a big company isn’t easy, but with a good marketing partner there’s one less thing to worry about. That’s one of the best things about this company. You get peace of mind, and can get back to business!

Ava Holmes

When it comes to marketing, Uptempo is the best! Our profits went way up, and our bottom line has never looked better. We wouldn’t consider using any other company for our marketing campaigns!

Stacy Smith

Even when we didn’t have a big budget, we knew we needed good marketing. With this company, we could work with the budget we had, and their efforts helped us grow quickly, so we could focus more on stronger marketing options.